For the LAC carrier, see GNS Austin Grayson (CLAC).

GNS Austin Grayson was an the lead ship of the eponymous class of light cruisers and the flagship of the Grayson Space Navy, named after the Reverend Austin Grayson.

History Edit

Austin Grayson was originally commissioned in 1873 PD.

In 1903 PD, the ship met with HMS Fearless to greet the diplomatic team from the Star Kingdom of Manticore. Austin Grayson was considered old and obsolete in comparison to HMS Apollo, the Royal Manticoran Navy's light cruiser that was sent to Grayson.

Austin Grayson was the flagship of the Grayson-Manticoran Combined Fleet under the command of High Admiral Bernard Yanakov. The ship was destroyed by Masadan missile fire in the First Battle of Yeltsin's Star. (HH2)

Technical dataEdit

  • Tonnage: 100,000 tons

Known crewmembers Edit

High Admirals' staff Edit

References Edit

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