Francine Maurier
Female civilian
Full Name
Lady Francine Maurier
Countess Mourncreek
Female   Female

Lady Francine Maurier, 1st Countess Mourncreek, was a noble-born Manticoran politician, and a high-ranking official of the Cromarty and Grantville governments.

Physical appearance Edit

She was small and slender woman, and at over seventy years of age still young and attractive due to the effects of the Prolong Treatment. (HH4)

Biography Edit

In the early 20th Century PD, she served as First Lord of the Admiralty of the Royal Manticoran Navy during the last ten years of the Cromarty government. In 1904 PD, she chose Admiral Thomas Caparelli to replace Admiral James Webster as First Space Lord.

In 1905 PD, she attended a meeting with Prime Minister. (HH3) She oversaw the preparations for the Court-martial of Pavel Young. (HH4)

After the death of the Duke of Cromarty and the fall of his government, Sir Edward Janacek replaced her as First Lord of the Admiralty.

With the High Ridge government's fall, Baroness Mourncreek returned to the Cabinet as Lord of the Exchequer in the Grantville government. At this time Queen Elizabeth III decided to create a new peerage for her as Countess Mourncreek. (HH10)

She was as shocked as the rest of the cabinet when information reached them about the assassination attempts on Queen Berry of Torch and James Webster, the latter of which was successful. (HH11)

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Preceded by
Lady Marisa Turner
Lord of Exchequer
of the Star Kingdom of Manticore
since 1920 PD
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