Francesca "Frankie" Simões was a Mesan citizen and the adoptive daughter of Herlander and Harriet Simões.

Francesca was born in January, 1913 PD. She was the result of genetic experiments to produce a group of children that had exceptional intelligence even by Alpha line standards. As many of these children developed a psychological condition similar to autism, the Long-Range Planning Board decided to give her to the Simões, because they were thought to be able to provide a stable family environment.

Even though she was of superior genetic background, Francesca's body eventually entered a phase of massive deterioration, leaving her totally non-responsive. Her father wanted to care for her, and even pay for her medical care, but the Long-Range Planning Board wouldn't allow it. This eventually led to his defecting to the Republic of Haven.

Francesca was euthanized, or "culled", in January, 1921 PD. (CS2)

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