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Fourth Battle of Adler
ConflictFirst Havenite-Manticoran War
Date1911 PD
PlaceAdler System
ResultAllied victory

Manticoran Alliance
TG of the Clairmont Station

People's Navy
TG of the Barnett System Defense




  • 2 SD
  • 12 BC and CC
  • 3 BC
  • 8 CA
  • 6 CL



The Third Battle of Adler was a hypothetic armed engagement between a task group of the Royal Manticoran Navy and the forces of the People's Navy occupying the Adler System in an attempt to recapture the system for the Manticoran Alliance.


Following the events of the Third Battle of Adler and the capture of Commodore Honor Harrington by a People's Navy force led by Rear Admiral Lester Tourville, the Royal Manticoran Navy organized and dispatched a reconnissance-in-force of the Adler System with the intent of recapturing the system for the Alliance.

Only the Manticoran preparations for the battle were known. Admiral Tourville returned to the Barnett System with captured POWs from the Third Battle of Adler. Whether the Fourth Battle of Adler occured with another Havenite commander or the Alliance retook an unoccupied system remains undocumented. (HH7)

Order of battleEdit

Manticoran AllianceEdit

A planned task group of the RMN, detached from the Clairmont Station:

  • a battle division (SD)
  • a battlecruiser element
  • a cruiser element

People's NavyEdit

Light task group detached form the Barnett System Defence:


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