Forge was a planet in the Republic of Haven, the sole inhabited world of the Lovat System.

Star geography Edit

Forge orbited the system's primary star at seven light-minutes distance. (HH11)

History Edit

Forge was originally settled by the Aamodt Corporation, one of the huge industrial concerns which had helped build Haven's enormous wealth and power.

The planet's population of almost three billion was heavily involved in Havenite naval construction programs. Its local industry was heavily committed to the construction of light attack craft and the newest light cruiser classes, as well as ammunition ships, personnel transports, cargo haulers, and repair ships.

In 1921 PD, the System was hit by the Royal Manticoran Navy's Eighth Fleet as part of Operation Sanskrit. In the following Battle of Lovat, the entire defense force and all of the system's orbital infrastructure was destroyed. Forge itself was left unharmed. (HH11)

References Edit

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