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Forbes Lawler was a Manticoran citizen, politician, and diplomat.

Physical appearance Edit

He was handsome, with iron grey hair and a lean, athletic build. He spoke in a straight-at-them, square-jawed fashion. (HHA4.1: PL)

Biography Edit

A first generation prolong recipient and former member of the House of Commons, he was the head of the Manticoran delegation that was sent to Masada in 1892 PD. Although he never said so directly, he clearly hoped that in addition to bringing new instructions he would soon be replacing the current ambassador to Masada. However, his missions turned out insuccessful when Crown Prince Michael, serving his midshipman cruise aboard the Manticoran light cruiser HMS Intransigent, came to the help of the Sisterhood of Barbara, a group of Masadan women willing to defect. (HHA4.1: PL)

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