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The First Space Lord was a member of the Manticoran Admiralty and the senior uniformed officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Office Edit

The First Space Lord was a senior active-duty Admiral. His or her office was located in the Admiralty Building in Landing. (HH2)

History Edit

Until 1904 PD, the office was held by Fleet Admiral Sir James Webster, Baron of New Dallas. In 1903 PD, he had plans for HMS Fearless, once the ship's refit was completed: the ship and its commanding officer, Honor Harrington, were used for a diplomatic mission that should later prove vital for the future of the Manticoran Alliance. (HH1, HH2)

When Lord Webster retired from the service around 1905 PD, he was replaced by Admiral Sir Thomas Caparelli. (HH3) When the Duke of Cromarty was assassinated and the High Ridge government came to power, the post was given to Admiral Sir Simon Chakrabarti. (HH9)

When Chakrabarti attempted to induce First Lord of the Admiralty Edward Janacek to either reinforce Sidemore Station or expand Honor Harrington's orders, and was refused, he resigned from his office. Once Operation Thunderbolt led to the fall of the High Ridge government, Caparelli was once again appointed as First Space Lord. (HH10)

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References Edit

  1. Likely Alice Truman's great-grandfather. (HH8)