The First Lord of the Admiralty was the most senior of the Lords of the Admiralty, and thus, the highest authority of the Royal Manticoran Navy. In the absence of a Minister of War in the Cabinet, the First Lord sat in the Cabinet as the highest representative of the armed forces.

In 1900 PD, Admiral (ret.) Sir Edward Janacek held the position. (HH1) In 1904 PD, he lost it to Francine Maurier when the Conservative Association left the government. (HH3) When the High Ridge government came into effect after the assassination of Prime Minister Allen Summervale, Janacek was reassigned to the post, only to commit suicide when his naval policies were proven fatally wrong in Operation Thunderbolt. (HH9) Hamish Alexander became the new First Lord under the Grantville government. (HH10)

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