First Fleet
Republic of Haven Navy
Affiliation: Republic of Haven
Established: 1919 PD
Commanding Officer: Admiral Javier Giscard
Flagship: RHNS Sovereign of Space
Strength: unknown
Notable Operations: Operation Thunderbolt
Notable Battles: Battle of Grendelsbane

First Fleet was a major naval force of the Republic of Haven Navy.

History Edit

The fleet came into existence following the overthrow of the Committee of Public Safety and the civil war that ensued between the forces loyal to President Eloise Pritchart and the remnants of the Office of State Security and its naval forces.

First Fleet's mission during Thunderbolt was to destroy the units of the Manticoran Third Fleet in the Trevor's Star System. However, First Fleet's attack was foiled by the discovery of a large contingent of Grayson ships in the vicinity of San Martin, and Admiral Giscard ordered First Fleet to withdraw to Havenite space after the Grayson forces destroyed his advanced LAC wings. (HH10)

Organization Edit

Order of battle Edit

Division of the 10th Fleet was connected with operational aims:

Staff Edit

References Edit

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