First Battle of Zanzibar
ConflictFirst Havenite-Manticoran War
Date1913 PD
PlaceZanzibar System
ResultHavenite victory

Manticoran Alliance
Zanzibar System Defence

People's Navy
Task Force 12.2


Rear Adm. Tennard

Commissioner Honeker
Rear Adm. Tourville

  • 6 SD
  • 6 BC
  • CA/CL
  • DD
  • LAC
  • 24 BB
  • 16 BC
  • 10+ CA

all ships destroyed

  • 4 BB destroyed
  • 3 BB damaged

The First Battle of Zanzibar was an armed engagement between the Manticoran Alliance and the People's Navy, which attacked the Zanzibar System as part of Operation Icarus.

Prelude Edit

The Caliphate of Zanzibar was about to finish the construction of the new Manticoran Alliance military shipyards that were supposed to serve as an additional backbone for the construction of Alliance ships.

Meanwhile, Admiral Giscard's Twelfth Fleet launched Operation Icarus, as part of which Task Force 12.2 attacked Zanzibar. (HH8)

Order of battle Edit

Manticoran Alliance Edit

Zanzibar System Defense, CO Rear Admiral Michael Tennard, RMN

PN Edit

Task Force 12.2, command team: People's Commissioner Everard Honeker and Rear Adm. Lester Tourville

  • wall of battle (BB)
  • a battlecruiser element[3]
  • a cruiser element

Course of battle Edit

Vice Admiral Tourville's task force was in the lowest alpha band, traveling at .6 c and heading for a crash translation. By hitting the hyper wall at roughly 180 kilometers per second, they carried a normal-space velocity of 14,390 kilometers per second across it with them. Their course had been chosen to drop them into n-space at the hyper limit's closest approach to the planet Zanzibar.

On Commander Shannon Foraker's suggestion the Havenites tractored their Missile pods inside the wedges of their battleships, where they had no effect on their acceleration curves, rather than towing them astern.[4]

The vastly superior Havenite task force destroyed the entire Alliance picket with only minimal own losses. (HH8)

Aftermath Edit

The Havenites destroyed almost all of Zanzibar's orbital industry, including the new military shipyards. Task Force 12.2 then set course for the Alizon System, where a similar attack was carried out. (HH8)

References Edit

  1. including HMS Adonai (CL) and Zanzibar System Navy's cruisers
  2. obsolete units
  3. including PNS Count Tilly, Vice Admiral Tourville's flagship
  4. similar technique was used by Admiral Honor Harrington during the Fourth Battle of Yeltsin's Star.

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