First Battle of Minette
Battlesign RMN vs RHN PN
ConflictFirst Haven-Manticore War
Date1907 PD
PlaceMinette System
ResultHavenite victory

Royal Manticoran Navy
Task Force Minette-01

People's Navy
Task Force 30


Vice Adm. Ludwig Stanton

Commissioner Fontein
Vice Adm. McQueen

  • 4 DN
  • CA
  • DD
  • 16 SD
  • 7 BC
  • 39 lighter units
  • 4 CA destroyed
  • 2 DN heavily damaged
  • 1 SD destroyed
  • 1 BC destroyed
  • 1 SD heavily damaged

The First Battle of Minette was fought between the Royal Manticoran Navy and the People's Navy in the Minette System.

Prelude Edit

As part of Operation Stalking Horse, Task Force 30 was to hit the Manticoran picket guarding the Minette System, eliminating it with overwhelming force, in order to draw forces away from Yeltsin's Star. Task Force Minette-01 was already understrength, as Admiral Hamish Alexander needed as many ships as possible to continue the push to take Trevor's Star.

Minette was equipped with the latest FTL sensor net that the Star Kingdom of Manticore had developed, allowing TFM01 to see approaching ships thoughout the entire system while sitting in orbit around Everest. (HH5)

Order of battle Edit

Royal Manticoran Navy Edit

Task Force Minette-01:

  • half a battle squadron[1]
  • a heavy cruiser element
  • a destroyer element[2]

People's Navy Edit

Task Force 30:

Course of battle Edit

Seeing the overwhelming forces arrayed against him, Admiral Stanton decided to withdraw rather than sacrifice his command. He ordered the evacuation of all technical personnel, and the scuttling of Tracking Central as well as all inner-system platforms, so that the FTL sensor net technology would not fall into Havenite hands. He then planned to pass the PN on the way out, firing as many missiles as he could at their superdreadnoughts in order to ease the ability of a counterattack to take the system. Before moving out he contacted the Premier of Everest to inform him of his intentions.

During the withdrawal, Stanton's forces managed to destroy one superdreadnought, heavily damage another, and destroyed a battlecruiser, in return for heavy damage to two dreadnoughts (HMS Majestic and Orion) as well as losing four heavy cruisers. (HH5)

Losses Edit

Royal Manticoran Navy Edit

  • heavy damage to the dreadnoughts HMS Majestic and Orion
  • destruction of four heavy cruisers

People's Navy Edit

  • one superdreadnought destroyed, another - heavily damaged
  • one battlecruiser destroyed

Aftermath Edit

High Admiral Wesley Matthews of the Grayson Space Navy organized an allied joint task force and concentrated it in the Casca System to retake Candor and Minette. (HH5)

See also: Second Battle of Minette

References Edit

  1. dreadnoughts, including HMS Orion and HMS Majestic, CO Captain George Truscot, Admiral Stanton's flagship
  2. including HMS Seeress and Oracle
  3. both battle squadrons a 8 SD
  4. 32 lighter units, possibly 4 squadrons

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