Fifth Fleet
Republic of Haven Navy
Affiliation: Republic of Haven
Commanding Officer: Admiral Genevieve Chin
Flagship: RHNS Canonnade
Strength: 85 SD
Notable Operations: Operation Beatrice
Notable Battles: Battle of Manticore

The Fifth Fleet was a major naval force of the Havenite Navy during the Second Haven-Manticore War.

Organization Edit

  • Commanding Officer – Admiral Genevieve Chin
  • wall of battle – 85 SD(P), including RHNS Canonnade, Admiral Chin's flagship

Staff Edit

History Edit

Commanded by Admiral Genevieve Chin from her flagship RHNS Cannonade, and with a total strength of eighty-five superdreadnoughts, Fifth Fleet participated together with Second and Third Fleet in the attack against the Manticore System which would become known as the Battle of Manticore, under the overall command of Admiral Lester Tourville. (HH11)

Battle of ManticoreEdit

In the initial stages of the battle, Fifth Fleet remained in hyperspace until the Manticoran Third Fleet entered the battle through the Manticore Wormhole Junction. Fifth Fleet then entered normal space and proceeded to attack Third Fleet, which was also taking heavy fire from Tourville's Second Fleet.

However, this maneuver left Fifth Fleet vulnerable when Admiral Honor Harrington's Eighth Fleet transited through the Junction from Trevor's Star.

Despite the enormous distance between Harrington's and Chin's forces, the Manticoran ships launched a massive missile salvo against the Havenite fleet thanks to their new Apollo system, which allowed the Allies full FTL fire control over the missiles, thus devastating Fifth Fleet and destroying sixty-eight of its superdreadnoughts.

Fifth Fleet's surviving seventeen superdreadnoughts were the only Havenite ships of the wall to escape the Battle of Manticore. (HH11)

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