The Fellowship of the Elect was a religious separatist group from the People's Republic of Haven, formed sometime in early 1800 PD.

They believed in living their lives in accordance with scripture. This put them at odds with the Internal Security, although due to Public Information's policy of paying lip-service to religious tolerance, they were publicly left alone. Eventually a deal was made between the Fellowship and the Legislaturalists. In return for nationalizing the Fellowship's assets, the PRH provided transportation to the Tiberian System and material support to set up a colony on the sole inhabitable planet, Refuge. There they founded the town of Zion and settled in the surrounding area. Following the settlement of Refuge, the Fellowship began an isolationist policy that rejected contact with non-believers.

Those who refused were allowed to stay in the Republic, although with the fall of the Legislaturalists and the rise of the Committee of Public Safety, the Office of State Security proved to be much less tolerant of their religious views than InSec had been. By the time of Thomas Theisman's overthrow of the Committee, there were only a few thousand Fellowship left in the PRH, and they announced their intention to join the rest of the Fellowship on Refuge. President Pritchart not only granted their request, but offered to provide transport, on board the RHMS Windhover. Unfortunately, Windhover disappeared while en route to Refuge. (HHA4.6: TSotS)

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