The Felix System was an uninhabited K2 star system ten light-years from the Mannerheim System in the Solarian League.

It contained one marginally habitable planet, Felix Beta.


Colonization rights to the seemingly insignificant Felix System were purchased prior to 1400 PD by a Solarian corporation. Due to competition with other, more potentially profitable settlement proposals, by 1900 PD, four different corporations claimed legal ownership on their books, the colonization rights had changed hands over a dozen time but had never been exercised.

The system remained of no interest to anyone until it was surveyed by the Mesan Alignment under the guise of an expedition backed by the Jessyk Combine operating out of the neighboring Mannerheim System and was found to have a wormhole junction with no less than four secondary termini associated with it. Its existence concealed from the rest of the galaxy by the Alignment, the Alignment's interests in the system and its junction were placed under the jurisdiction of one of the Alignment's proxy states, the Republic of Mannerheim, even though neither of them held legal ownership of either. Through a series of arms-length connections, Mannerheim sought to purchase the legal ownership of the colonization rights, but slowly and quietly so as not to arouse curiosity. (CS2)

Felix Wormhole JunctionEdit

The Felix Wormhole Junction possessed four secondary termini:

References Edit

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