Felicia Hadley was a Beowulfan citizen and politician.

Physical appearance Edit

Hadley was a slender woman, with black hair, brown eyes, and a golden complexion, with freckles dusted across the bridge of her nose. (HH13)

Biography Edit

From the mid-1880s PD to July 1922 PD, she was the senior member of the Beowulfan delegation in the Legislative Assembly. She was a persistent critic of the League government's policies towards the Star Empire of Manticore.

When news of the Second Battle of Manticore and the crushing defeat of the Solarian League Navy's Eleventh Fleet reached Earth, she took in Lyman Carmichael, the Manticoran Ambassador, to keep him safe from the wrath of the Solarian populace.

Some time later, she witnessed motion AD-1002-07-02-22 being brought before the Assembly and approved; Beowulf was to be investigated for treason against the League due to its role in the blockade of its terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction. In return, she announced that a plebiscite would be held in her home system to vote on Beowulf's secession from the Solarian League. (HH13)

References Edit

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