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With One Stone
A Ship Named Francis
Let's Go To Prague
The Service of the Sword

"Fanatic", written by Eric Flint, is the fifth short story in the fourth Honorverse anthology The Service of the Sword, first published in 2003.

It is a loose sequel to "From the Highlands", also by Flint.

Plot Edit

Special Investigator Victor Cachat is sent to the La Martine Sector to investigate the death of People's Commissioner Robert Jamka, a known sadist and rapist. Soon he begins a violent purge of StateSec personnel he considers corrupt.

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Henri Alouette | Midge Austell | Edouard Ballon | Lavrentiy Beria | Victor Cachat | Kit Carson | Genevieve Chin | Diana Citizen | Rita Enquien | Jillian Gallanti | Bob Gottlieb | Jessica Hackett | Robert Jamka | Sharon Justice | James Keppler | Khedi LaFitte | Jean-Pierre Ogilve | Caroline Quedilla | Ned Pierce | Eloise Pritchart | Yuri Radamacher | Jaime Rolla | Saunders | Tarack | Thomas Theisman | Kevin Usher | Virginia Usher | Vesey | Howard Wilkins | Wright

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Daggan System | Ja'al Sector | La Martine | La Martine Sector | La Martine System | Office of State Security | People's Navy | Special Investigator for the Director | State Security Naval Forces | Tetra Sector

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