Eroica Station was the Monican Navy's main base of operations in the Monica System.

Design Edit

The station was located in the Eroica asteroid belt, which had an average orbital radius of roughly 19,5 light-minutes from the systems G3 primary star. The station was an extensive complex, because the Monicans took advantage of the proximity of the Eroica Belt to set up a basic heavy industry node for the entire system.

A large section of it, about a third of its total area, was essentially a commercial civilian operation, servicing the belt's extractive industries. (SI1)

Position Edit

During Battle of Monica, Eroica Station was almost in direct opposition from the planet Monica. The two were the about thirty light-minutes apart, with the primary directly between, so light-speed communications between Eroica Station and the capital world was slow, for it needed to be relayed around the primary, increasing the message lag to just over 45 minutes. Eroica Station was less than 1,2 light-minutes inside the hyper limit. (SI1)

History Edit

In 1920 PD, the Solarian League's Office of Frontier Security arranged for a total of fourteen Indefatigable-class battlecruisers to be secretly sent to Monica to be refitted at Eroica Station, which was then under the command of Admiral Isidor Hegedusic.

However, twelve of those vessels and parts of the stations were destroyed by the Royal Manticoran Navy in the Battle of Monica. (SI1)

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