Eric Grossman was a Havenite citizen and politician.

A member of the Legislaturist class, Grossman was Secretary of Education of the People's Republic during the administration of Hereditary President Sidney Harris. He maintained a personal and institutional rivalry with Secretary of War Elaine Dumarest, as the "democratization of education" policies implemented by his ministry resulted in catastrophic results for the People's Republic's research and development capabilities. Additionally, Grossman was often at odds with the Economy Ministry due to the consequences of his ministry's policy on Haven's industrial establishment.

Grossman attended the Cabinet meeting held following the murder of Secretary Walter Frankel, on which the Havenite government decided to pursue open war against the Star Kingdom of Manticore. He was ultimately killed with almost every other member of the Havenite government in the assassination of the Legislaturist cabinet during Rob S. Pierre's coup. (HH3)

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