Erasmus Fontein
Male civilian
Full Name
Erasmus Fontein
Male   Male
Death date
People's Commissioner to Admiral McQueen

Erasmus Fontein was a Havenite citizen and an officer of State Security.

Biography Edit

He was a Major in the Office of Internal Security, but alligned himself with Rob S. Pierre's conspiracy to overthrow the Legislaturalist regime. He assisted in the planning of the Harris Assassination and was subsequently promoted to State Sec Brigadier General. (HH5)

Promoted to full General, he served as People's Commissioner to Vice Admiral Esther McQueen. He liked to hide his intelligence and ambition behind the mask of being incompetent. Although he was not, he was taken by surprise by McQueen having prepared contingency plans to deal with a threat such as the one posed by the Levelers. (HH7, HH9)

He was slightly injured in the crash of her pinnace during the Leveler Uprising, suffering a broken and dislocated pinkie. (HHA1.3: AWoG)

Oscar Saint-Just considered him the most thoughtful People's Commissioner other than Eloise Pritchart, (HHA3.2: N) and ordered him to begin building a "paper-trail" to use against McQueen when the time came.

Fontein was killed during McQueen's attempted coup. (HH9)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Major - until 1905 PD (InSec)
  • Brigadier General - 1905 PD
  • General

Posts Edit

  • People's Commissioner to Admiral Esther McQueen

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