Ephraim Templeton
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Ephraim Templeton
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Ephraim Templeton was a Masadan citizen and privateer and a member of the Council of Elders.

Family Edit

His wives included Dinah (the first wife), Raphaela, Rena and Judith.

He fathered many children, including Gideon, Mahalia, Uriel and Ruth Winton.[1] Abraham Templeton was a cousin of his. (HHA4.1: PL, CS1)

Biography Edit

Through his company, Templeton Incorporated, he owned a small fleet of armed merchantmen that he used for both trade and privateering, and was looked at with some disfavor by many Masadans because he was somewhat more dependent on technology than was preferred among the Faithful.

In the late 19th Century PD, he captured his junior wife, Judith. She was the daughter of Grayson merchants, taken as a prisoner when Templeton attacked and captured her parents' ship.

He married her when she was twelve and began trying to impregnate her. She had her first miscarriage a year later and a second six months after that; at sixteen she became pregnant again with a girl that Templeton wanted to abort because of his preferring male children. Judith was determined to protect the child and escape from her captivity; she had been taught to read by her parents, a fact she had hidden from everyone for years.

When she was caught reading by Templeton's senior wife Dinah, she became a member of the Sisterhood of Barbara, a secret group of women plotting their escape from Masada. They hijacked and piloted the shuttle Flower and used it to take control of one of Templeton's starships, Aaron's Rod. Templeton tried to take the vessel back, but the Manticoran light cruiser HMS Intransigent [2] protected the fleeing ship. (HHA4.1: PL)

After fleeing from Masada during the Manticoran invasion, he founded the Church of Humanity Unchained (Defiant), an even more radical sect. (CS1)

References Edit

  1. Ruth was later adopted by Michael Winton on marrying Judith Templeton.
  2. Intransigent was in the system due to a diplomatic mission.