The Emerald Dawn was a Solarian League-flagged Dromedary-class cargo liner.

History Edit

Emerald Dawn was captured by former Commodore Henri Clignet's People's First Liberation Squadron in May/June 1920 PD[1] just short of the hyper limit leaving the New Tuscany System. Captain Bacon was tortured and died slowly and painfully about two weeks after his ship's capture, Second Engineer Sophia Abercrombie was killed about a week later. "Citizen Lieutenant" Eisenhower was put in charge of the freighter.

The ship then followed the heavy cruiser Anhur to the Nuncio System, where it was liberated by the crew of HMS Hexapuma in the Battle of Nuncio. Only twelve members of the original crew, led by Lieutenant Josh Baranyai, survived. (SI1)

Lieutenant Baranyai was able to confirm that one of Emerald Dawn's heavy shuttles was missing, but no trace of it was found.

Crew Edit

References Edit

  1. Lieutenant Baranyai tells Abigail Hearns on August 1920 PD that they were captured 2-2,5 months earlier.

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