Emden Class
Name: Emden class
Type: Heavy Cruiser
Affiliation: ImperialAndermaniNavySign Imperial Andermani Navy
Date Introduced: 1859 PD
Succeeded By: Verfechter class
Mass: 284,750 tons
Acceleration: 510,2 G maximum
Crew: 804
– 702 Navy
– 102 Marines
Armament: 24 missile launcher
36 lasers
28 grasers
16 countermissile launchers
16 point defense laser clusters

The Emden class was a class of heavy cruisers built and used by the Imperial Andermani Navy.

This class[1] was a design of the 19th Century PD.

History Edit

Three modern heavy cruisers of Andermani origin were unofficially delivered to the Prism Space Navy circa 1880 PD.[2] They were slightly lighter than the units used by the IAN, massing about 240,000 tons. (HHA3.1: MMH)

Known vessels Edit

IAN Edit

PSN Edit

References Edit

  1. The name may be a reference to the ancient German city of Emden, or to one of the many German Navy ships named after it.
  2. The class was never named, but the only known pre-war Andermani heavy cruiser class was the Emden class.
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