The Elric System was a star system located to the galactic south-east of Manticore with one semi-habitable planet, Zelda. The system was the location of the Manticoran Alliance's Elric Station.[1] The infrastructure in orbit around the planet included habitats, smelters and repair slips.

It was attacked by Vice Admiral Groenewold's Task Force 12.3 during Operation Scylla. The Alliance had picketed the system strongly enough to defend against raids but did not expect the defenders to withstand a major attack. Using ships equipped with Ghost Rider capabilities, the Alliance did serious damage to the Havenite invasion force. The infrastructure was destroyed and the Alliance withdrew, leaving the system to the attackers. (HH9)

See: Battle of Elric

References Edit

  1. Both the system and the station were likely named after Elric of Melniboné, hero of a number of science fiction novels by Michael Moorcock.

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