Elric Station was a Manticoran Alliance duty station in the Elric System.[1]

Elric Station, located directly between the Havenite naval bases in the Solway and Treadway Systems, was established in the uninhabited star system as part of the outer defenses of the Grendelsbane Station. The station picket was strong enough to stand off a light raiding force or to threaten the rear of a heavier raiding force but it was not expected to withstand a major attack.

Its last Senior Officer was Vice Admiral Frederick Malone.

The station infrastructure, mainly habitats, smelters and repair slips, was constructed in orbit around the planet Zelda. Placing the infrastructure deep within the hyper limit allowed the defenders time to react to any attack. During Operation Scylla the infrastructure of Elric Station was destroyed and the empty star system was left to the People's Navy . (HH9)

See: Battle of Elric

References Edit

  1. Both the system and the station were likely named after Elric of Melniboné, hero of a number of science fiction novels by Michael Moorcock.