Elizabeth I Winton
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Elizabeth I Winton
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Elizabeth I, Queen of Manticore, was the second reigning monarch of the Star Kingdom of Manticore from 1489 to 1521 PD.

Family Edit

Elizabeth was the daughter of Roger Winton and his wife, Alexandra Máytás. She had two older brothers, Simon and Thomas.

She was married to Maxwell O'Connell-Winton. They had several children: Miranda Winton, Gregory Winton, the future King Michael I Winton, Alexandra Winton and Mackenzie Winton. (MA1)

Biography Edit

Born on Manticore, Elizabeth survived the death of her mother and both of her older Earth-born brothers during the Manticoran Plague which devastated the fledgling colony. Eventually, she became one of Manticore's leading jurists and served as president of the Board of Directors, thus becoming the virtual vice-president of Manticore near the end of her father Roger's tenure as Planetary Administrator. She became the Crown Princess of Manticore when the Manticoran monarchy was established.

Following the death of King Roger I, Elizabeth succeeded him to the throne as Queen Elizabeth I. During her rule, Queen Elizabeth skillfully played the many factions in the nascent Manticoran aristocracy against each other, thwarting the intention of the Constitution to establish Parliamentary control of Government and policy by an aristocratic House of Lords. In the words of one of her descendants and namesakes, "she hijacked the government" and by her death had established the Crown as the single most important element of the Manticoran power structures.

During the final years of her reign, the sentient species known as treecats was discovered on the planet Sphinx. (SK1)

She reigned for many years and was succeeded by her son, who reigned as Michael I. (UHH)

Legacy Edit

The Medusa-class pod-laying superdreadnought HMS Elizabeth I of the Royal Manticoran Navy was named after her. (HH11)

References Edit

Preceded by
Roger I
Queen of Manticore
1489 – 1521 PD
Succeeded by
Michael I

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