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Elizabeth II, Queen of Manticore, was the fifth reigning monarch of the Star Kingdom of Manticore from 1544 to 1601 PD.

She was the daughter of King Michael I with his second wife, Queen Mary, and thus the younger half-sister of Edward I. When he died in a boating accident, she succeeded him on the throne and ruled over Manticore for 57 T-years, making her the longest-reigning Manticoran monarch as of 1922 PD.[1] (UHH, MA1)

In 1534 PD, she married Carmichael de Quieroz, Baron of New Madrid, who already had three children from a previous marriage. However, her husband was killed in a hunting accident on Sphinx only a few years later. (MA2)

References Edit

  1. The second longest reign was that of Samantha II, who ruled for 55 years.

Preceded by
Edward I
Queen of Manticore
1544 PD – 1601 PD
Succeeded by
David I

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