Elfrieda VanGuyles
Female civilian
Full Name
Lady Elfrieda VanGuyles
Lady Fairburn
Female   Female
  ●   Spouse(s): 

Lady Elfrieda VanGuyles, Countess Fairburn, was a Manticoran citizen and peer of the realm.

Physical appearance Edit

Countess Fairburn was considered very attractive.[1] She had long red hair, which particularly appealed to Solomon Hayes, him being of Irish ancestry. (HH11)

Biography Edit

Countess Fairburn was very wealthy and had with powerful political connections. She was married to Bertram VanGuyles, Earl Fairburn, who, even though his wife was a very attractive woman, had a distinct liking of sexual affairs, preferably with barely legal-aged girls.

Countess Fairburn was Solomon Hayes's most important inside source for the Conservative Association during the High Ridge years, and continued to offer him insights into the inner workings of the party. The two also had a physical relationship at times. She was also the one informing Hayes of the fact that Honor Harrington, whom she considered a "lowborn upstart", had tubed a fetus at the Briarwood Reproduction Center, and that Hamish and Emily Alexander had also decided to have a child. (HH11)

References Edit

  1. Likely with the help of biosculpt.

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