Edwin Young
Male military
Full Name
Edwin Young
Male   Male
Rear Admiral (discharged)

Edwin Young was a Manticoran citizen and an officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy. He belonged to the wealthy and powerful Young family.

Biography Edit

Young was a member of the Conservative Association and, before 1914 PD, reached the rank of Rear Admiral. He was stationed in the Manticoran embassy to the Solarian League on Earth as the naval attaché. When Captain Anton Zilwicki’s daughter, Helen, was kidnapped, Young and the Ambassador refused to allow Manticoran Intelligence to assist in the search for her. They claimed to believe the kidnapping was a Havenite "diversionary maneuver" and that she was in no danger. At the time, both he and the Ambassador were involved with the Mesan slaving company Manpower Incorporated.

Following the Manpower Incident, Young was recalled to Manticore and convicted of violating the Articles of War for his participation in Manpower's activities. He was stripped of rank and sentenced to several decades in prison. (HHA3.3: FtH)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Rear Admiral (prior to 1914 PD)
Dishonorably discharged from the Service

Posts Edit

  • Naval attaché to the Manticoran Embassy, Earth

References Edit

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