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The Edward Saganami-A-class was a Manticoran class of heavy cruisers. Ships of this class were traditionally named for celebrated officers of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Class DesignEdit

Edward Saganami-A was the designation assigned to those Edward Saganami-class heavy cruisers constructed according to the original class schematics. The class was considerably delayed and slowed in construction by the outbreak of the first war, undergoing multiple redesigns to incorporate new advances. The ships of the first flight were effectively a series of repeatedly modified prototypes, thought the class did eventually go into serial production at the start of the second flight. These vessels were the most advanced heavy cruisers operated by the Royal Manticoran Navy at the time of their introduction, and included every innovation available to the RMN, such as extensive automation to reduce manning needs, the latest ECM and stealth technology, and the incorporation of the bow wall concept pioneered by the Shrike-class LAC.

They massed about 390,000 tons.

The codeveloped GSN design was the Protector Adrian-class.

Known shipsEdit


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