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Sir Edward Saganami, PMV, was an early Manticoran military officer and considered the founding father of the modern Royal Manticoran Navy. (HH3)

Physical appearance Edit

Saganami was of somewhat less than average height, with a dark complexion, a strong nose, dark brown, slightly receding hair, and dark eyes. He was considered to be ordinary-looking. (SI1)

Biography Edit

Edward Saganami was born to yeoman parents on the planet Gryphon in 1616 PD. A typical Gryphon Highlander, he excelled on the basis of sheer talent and determination, and had risen to the rank of Commodore by 1662 despite his lack of patronage. At that time, he was selected to command a punitive expedition to the Ranier System, whose piratical "navy" had conducted several raids near the Hennesy Terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction. Following his victory over the pirates, Saganami taught at the Academy for a short time. (Companion)

In 1671 PD, he was selected by Queen Adrienne to command a squadron dispatched to the Silesian Confederacy to battle pirates who harassed Manticoran shipping in the area. His force was able to destroy four pirate bases and even defeat the reinforced pirates in the Battle of Trautman's Star, but the victory was a costly one, with two RMN ships being destroyed and four so heavily damaged they had to return home for repairs.

With his fleet thinned out, Saganami assigned single vessels to convoy duty. His own ship, the battlecruiser HMS Nike, escorted a convoy that was ambushed in the Carson System. In order to allow the merchantmen to flee, Saganami took a stand with Nike, destroying and crippling several enemy ships in what history would come to call the Battle of Carson. However, Nike was eventually overwhelmed and Saganami died after sending a last message to James Hargood of RMMS Prince Harold. (SI1)

He was one of the few people with a crypt in King Michael's Cathedral whose body was not buried there. (HH8)

As a result of their losses, the pirates were unable to capture or destroy any more merchants, and their remaining forces were easily defeated by the heavily reinforced fleet that Queen Adrienne dispatched to avenge Edward Saganami. (Companion)

Legacy Edit

Saganami was seen as the father of modern Royal Navy doctrine ("initiative and aggressiveness"). His primary dictum was that time was the one irreplaceable commodity any fleet had. (HH7)

His fighting to protect the innocent while outnumbered six to one became the example by which all future actions of the Royal Manticoran Navy were measured. (HH3)

His name was honored by the RMN in many ways:

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Collar Pin RMN Commander and Captain JG Commander
  • Collar Pin RMN Commodore Commodore (1662 PD)

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