Edward Julian Martin was a Grayson citizen from Burdette Steading and a non-commissioned officer in the Burdette Steadholder's Guard.

Biography Edit

He held the rank of sergeant, but was forced to retire from the Steadholder's Guard after a broken leg failed to heal fully.

Later, he took part in the conspiracy to discredit and kill Steadholder Honor Harrington. He was one of the two people who tried to kill Harrington by shooting down her pinnace.[1] After she survived the crash, he tried to shoot her with his machine pistol, but Reverend Julius Hanks flung himself into the line of fire and was killed instead.

Horrified by what he had done, believing that the murder of the First Elder would damn his soul to Hell for all eternity, Martin let authorities capture him[2] and made a full confession to Second Elder Jeremiah Sullivan and Protector Benjamin IX. This confession proved Lord Burdette's and Edmond Marchant's complicity in the plot, leading to Burdette's trial by sword before the Conclave of Steadholders. (HH5)

References Edit

  1. The other was Austin Taylor, who was killed by Nimitz.
  2. Jamie Candless wanted to kill him right there, but Harrington stopped him.