Edward Hendricks was a Manticoran citizen and diplomat.

In the 1910s PD, he served as the Manticoran ambassador to the Solarian League. He was a member of the Conservative Association and became rather obese while serving on Earth. He supported Rear Admiral Edwin Young's descision not to use any offical assets to find the kidnapped Helen Zilwicki. They claimed to believe the kidnapping was a Havenite "diversionary maneuver" and that she was in no danger. At the time, both he and Young were involved with the Mesan slaving company Manpower Incorporated. Anton Zilwicki also uncovered proof that Hendricks availed himself of the services of Manpower at their "pleasure resorts". (HHA3.3: FtH)

After this was revealed by Catherine Montaigne some time later, Hendricks was recalled from Earth, tried, stripped of his rank and sentenced to several decades in prison. (HH10, CS1)

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