Echo of Time was a female treecat and a memory singer of the Bright Water Clan.

As one of her clan's elders, she was part of the council that considered Nimitz and Samantha's proposal to change the terms of the human-treecat relation from that proposed by Morgana centuries before. The decision affected such things as whether they would take some adult treecats with them to Grayson to help with raising Samantha's 'kittens, whether treecats should cooperate with studies of them by humans, and whether they should reveal their true intelligence to humans generally. It was perhaps the most important discussion in all of treecat history, and certainly was the most important since treecats had encountered humans. (HHA3.4: CoW)

After the Yawata Strike, Echo of Time was among the Elders who contacted Dr. Adelina Arif to introduce her to Sorrow Singer, the sole survivor of the Black Rock Clan. (HH13)

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