The Earldom of the Tor was a Manticoran peerage.

It was held by the Montaigne family, one of the original Shareholder families who came to Manticore aboard the colony ship Jason. (CS3)

In the beginning of the 20th Century PD Lady Catherine Montaigne held the title of Countess of the Tor[1], but lived in exile on Earth after denouncing the Manticoran government for not awarding Honor Harrington a medal for enforcing the anti-slavery laws in the Casimir System.

In the late 1910s PD, Anton Zilwicki convinced her to renounce her peerage so she could run for a seat in the House of Commons. Her noble title was passed on to her younger brother, Henry. (HH10)

Known Earls and Countesses of the Tor Edit

  • Lady Catherine Montaigne, Countess of the Tor
  • Lord Henry Montaigne, Earl of the Tor

References Edit

  1. "Tor" was an old Celtic word for a conic hill, possibly a reference to a landmark on the earldom's grounds.

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