Earldom of White Haven

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The Earldom of White Haven was a Manticoran peerage.

The earldom, home to the White Haven line since the first colonization of the planet Manticore, and created in 1471 PD as one of the original peerages[1], was located in the Duchy of High Sligo, in the northern hemisphere. The twelfth Earl, Murdoch Alexander, was born in 114 AL/1790 PD. His heir was his eldest son, Hamish. (HH1, HH10) Both became prominent officers in the Royal Manticoran Navy. (Companion)

Prior to 1903 PD, Lord Murdoch died, and Hamish became the thirteenth Earl of White Haven. (HH2)

Known Earls of White Haven Edit

References Edit

  1. It was held by the White Havens for 447 T-Years in 1918 PD.

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