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ENS Star Warrior was a destroyer of the Erewhon Navy.

History Edit

The ship was sent to the Tiberian System to investigate the disappearance of the Havenite transport vessel RHMS Windhover.

After determining that Windhover never arrived in the Tiberian system, she was destroyed en route to the Congo System by two heavy cruisers under the command of Haicheng Ringstorff, belonged to Manpower Incorporated. Star Warrior had been in the process of investigating another merchant ship that had also vanished in the area, and had left Refuge to head for Congo. While proceeding out-system, she accidentally stumbled on the pirates support base, hidden in Tiberian's asteroid belt. Star Warrior was destroyed with all hands by the four pirate cruisers.

Star Warrior was a modern ship with first-line sensors and the same basic weapons fit as Manticoran Culverin-class. (HHA4.6: TSotS)

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