ENS (formerly PNS and later GSNS) Huan-Ti was a Mars-B-class heavy cruiser built and originally operated by the naval forces of the Office of State Security before her capture by the "Elysian Space Navy".

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As part of the State Security naval contingent in the Shilo Sector, PNS Huan-Ti joined a task force commanded by Major General Prestwick Thornegrave in October 1913 PD. The task force's orders were to secure the recently-recaptured Seabring System against either a Manticoran counterstrike or an uprising of its local population, and fortify the system's defenses.

However, a scheduled stop at the planet Hades for re-supplying and embarking of "rehabilitated" prisoners to serve at Seabring turned to disaster for the StateSec task force. Unbeknownst to General Thornegrave at the time, a prisoner uprising led by Admiral Honor Harrington had taken control of both Hades' ground facilities and planetary defenses, a fact the StateSec general only learned when Harrington ordered him and his force to surrender upon threat of destruction from the orbital defenses under her control. With no other choice, Thornegrave's ships, including Huan-Ti, surrendered to Harrington

Huan-Ti was then incorporated to the so-called "Elysian Space Navy", a force of captured StateSec ships under the control of the revolting prisoners, and was placed under the command of Erewhonese Lieutenant Commander Anson Lethridge. (HH8)

With the rest of the Elysian Space Navy's warships, Huan-Ti participated in the Battle of Cerberus and the subsequent destruction of General Seth Chernock's entire task force. After the battle, Huan-Ti embarked as many former inmates as she could and left the Cerberus System joined the Elysian Space Navy in a journey to the Allied-controlled Trevor's Star System.

ENS Huan-Ti was incorporated into the brand-new "Protector's Own Squadron" of the Grayson Space Navy shortly after arriving at Trevor's Star, together with the other ships of the Elysian Space Navy. (HH9)

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