ENS (formerly "PNS" and later "GSNS") Bacchante was a Frigate-class light cruiser built and originally operated by the naval forces of the Office of State Security before her capture by the "Elysian Space Navy".


In 1913 PD and under the command of Commander Vestichov, Bacchante[1] entered the Cerberus System to replenish her vegetable supplies and give her crew rest and recreation at the prison planet Hades. However, Hades had already fallen to an uprising of its inmate population led by Admiral Honor Harrington, and the light cruiser was forced to surrender after being "guided" through the orbital minefields only to be targeted by a dozen graser platforms of the planetary defense systems.

Bacchante then became the second unit of the so-called "Elysian Space Navy", and like her fellow former StateSec ship Krashnark, she was used by the Elysian Space Navy to provide refreshment and training courses for naval personnel which had been imprisoned in Hades, in many cases for decades.

Her initial commanding officer during this period was Captain Harriet Benson. Bacchante remained hidden during the events that led to the capture of the Seabring expeditionary force of Major General Prestwick Thornegrave.

Lieutenant Commander Roberta Ellis took over Bacchante from Benson as the latter was reassigned to command the battlecruiser ENS Kutuzov. Under Ellis' command, Bacchante participated in the Battle of Cerberus, which resulted in the complete destruction of General Seth Chernock's task force and the capture of enough transports to liberate all prisoners from Hades. (HH8)

Bacchante later joined the rest of the Elysian Space Navy during its escape from Hades to the Trevor's Star system. Some time after its arrival, Bacchante was recommissioned with the other ESN ships into the Grayson Space Navy as part of its brand-new "Protector's Own Squadron" (HH9).

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References Edit

  1. It was possibly named after the Roman name for the Maenads, the female followers of the god Dionysus in Greek mythology.
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