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Duncan Jessup was a Havenite citizen and politician, and a member of the Legislaturalist class.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Jessup was a stocky and perpetually disheveled man who cultivated the image of a grumpy but golden-hearted uncle. (HH3)

Biography Edit

Jessup served as Hereditary President Sidney Harris' Secretary of Public Information, and because he thus controlled both the Government's public propaganda and media apparatus and the Mental Hygiene Police, he was one of the Havenite government's most powerful members. In public, he cultivated the persona of a grumpy but ultimately kind uncle.

Secretary Jessup was highly critical of Secretary of War Elaine Dumarest for the Basilisk and Grayson/Masada disasters, as he noted that these failures gave the Manticorans the chance to further build their alliance while Haven's own military potential remained unchanging.

The leaks Jessup arranged to test-fly Secretary of the Economy Walter Frankel's proposals to tie the increases in the Basic Living Stipend to the inflation rate led to massive riots in Haven's Dolist districts and the murder of Secretary Frankel by a member of the Citizens' Rights Union.

Jessup endorsed the Cabinet's plan to go to war with Manticore, as that gave him the opportunity to launch a propaganda campaign which could stem the upsurge of discontent and unrest against the Government.

He was ultimately murdered along with almost every other member of the Havenite government when the president's birthday party was bombed during Rob S. Pierre's coup. (HH3)

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Preceded by
Secretary of Public Information
People's Republic of Haven
( - 1905 PD)
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Cordelia Ransom