Duff DeWitt was a one of Dr. Cleonora Radzinsky's assistants during her time on Sphinx in the Manticore System in 1522 PD.

He was good-looking, with blond hair, dark eyes, and impressive musculature.

Once on Sphinx, he asked a lot of questions about treecat behavior, using his goods looks and flirty demeanor to get information out of Jessica Pheriss. He later went to the Pheriss family home, asking Jessica's younger siblings about Valiant in absence of their parents. He gave them a lot of information about how dangerous treecats allegedly were, and tried to get soundbites out of them that confirmed how afraid they were of Valiant. Their father, Buddy Pheriss, overheard part of the talk, and confronted DeWitt about intruding on his underage children, eventually chasing him off after having him delete all recordings of the "interview". (SK3)

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