The Duchy of Harrington was a Manticoran peerage.

As Honor Harrington was presumed dead after her faked execution by the People's Republic of Haven, the Earldom of Harrington was passed to her cousin Devon. However, Harrington turned out to be alive, and Queen Elizabeth III created a new peerage, the Duchy of Harrington, for her. The land was portioned out of the Westmount Crown Reserve. (HH9)

The Duchy was located on Gryphon, areas of it were ideal for both beach and ski resorts. Attorney Clarise Childers of Childers, Strauslund, Goldman and Wu handled the negotiations with ski consortia to develop the resorts. It also included a stretch of coastline similar to the Copperwall on Harrington's home planet of Sphinx.

Its total population was about 2,000 by the time Duchess Harrington took command of Sidemore Station. (HH10)

In 1921 PD it became the second off-world colony site for treecats. (Companion)

Known Dukes and Duchesses Harrington Edit

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