Dresden was a planet in the Talbott Quadrant, the sole inhabited world of the Dresden System.

In the early 20th Century PD, Dresden had long been poor and underdeveloped even by the low standards of the Talbott Cluster; the slums of the city of Oldenburg were an example of that poverty. In the period before the discovery of the Lynx Terminus and the annexation crisis, Dresden had been somewhat successful at bootstrapping its own economic development, changing its status from exploited plantation style economy to a more broadly based one. One of its leaders was a central participant in the Annexation Convention on Spindle and became an officer of the local Talbott Cluster government after the annexation by the Star Kingdom of Manitcore. (SI1, SI2)

Cuisine Edit

Kelsenbrau was a dark beer brewed on Dresden. (SI2)

Notable natives Edit

References Edit

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