Majestic Class

A Manticoran Majestic-class dreadnought

The dreadnought (DN) was a type of warship employed by most first-rate navies and some system-defense forces in the Post Diaspora era.


Dreadnoughts, along with superdreadnoughts (SDs) and battleships, were classified as ships of the wall, ranging in size from five to six point five million tons. Smaller and weaker than SDs, they were used when a star nation could not afford to build the larger ships exclusively; e.g. the Star Kingdom of Manticore prior to the First Havenite-Manticoran War. (Companion)

By the start of the Second Haven-Manticore War, the dreadnought continued in service with both the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Republic of Haven Navy, but the construction of new dreadnoughts had been suspended in favor of larger numbers of pod-laying superdreadnoughts. (HH10) With the extreme lethality of missile combat during this period, dreadnought-sized vessels were considered simply too uncompetitive in terms of offensive and defensive capability to participate in the wall of battle, and the last Manticoran dreadnought was retired in 1921 PD. (Companion)


An early 20th Century PD dreadnought was valued at around 32 billion Manticoran dollars. (HH4)

Known DN classesEdit

Republic of HavenEdit

Star Kingdom / Star Empire of ManticoreEdit


Warship Classification
Arsenal shipBattlecruiserBattleshipCorvetteDestroyerDreadnoughtFrigateHeavy cruiserLACLAC carrierLight cruiserQ-shipShip of the WallSting shipSuperdreadnought

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