Dinah Templeton (* 1839 PD) was a Masadan native and the founder of the Sisterhood of Barbara.

She was married to Ephraim Templeton in 1854, when she was fifteen years old, and was his senior wife. Her family was poor and marrying her to Templeton was a way of ridding themselves of an otherwise useless daughter.

She was something of a surrogate mother to Judith, Ephraim's junior wife. When the Sisterhood stole the armed merchantman Aaron's Rod to escape from the planet Masada, she became Judith's executive and gunnery officer. When they were safe, she suffered a serious heart attack. (HHA4.1: PL)

She survived and, once in the Star Kingdom of Manticore, the heart condition that had nearly killed her was completely reversed, greatly increasing her health. She later moved to a residential tower in Friedman's Valley on Manticore with the rest of the Sisterhood. (HHA5.1: R)

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