Dimitri Young
Male civilian
Full Name
Lord Dimitri Young
Male   Male
Birth date
1810s PD
Death date
1905 PD
Death place

Lord Dimitri Young, 10th Earl of North Hollow, was a Manticoran citizen and a prominent conservative member of the Star Kingdom's nobility.

Physical appearance Edit

A strong and virile man in his youth, he was bound to a life support chair in his late life - a painful reminder to his son Pavel that even the most advanced medical science could not save a man from the effects of overindulgence and dissolution. (HH4)

Biography Edit

Dimitri Young was born on Manticore in the 1810s PD.[1] He pursued Carol Warner before she married Craig Warner.(HH1, HH4)

He was a high-ranking member of the Conservative Association and served as the party whip in the House of Lords, and was considered by many to be the true brains behind the Association, even though the party's nominal leader was Baron High Ridge. He sat on the Naval Affairs Committee, and Captain Thomas Bachfisch strongly suspected that he had used that position to hamper Honor Harrington's naval career after what she had done to his son Pavel.

North Hollow had served as an officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy, but resigned his commission once he had achieved the rank of Commander in order to pursue his political career. (HHA3.1: MMH)

North Hollow's prominent political position was strengthened by his possession of the so-called "North Hollow files": a compendium of compromising and scandalous information on most of the Manticoran nobility which could, at the Earl's desire, ruin almost any political career in the Star Kingdom. The Earl's "chief of security" and special operations specialist was Georgia Sakristos (also known as Elaine Komandorski), the future Lady North Hollow.

Even though barely ninety T-years old at the beginning of the First Havenite-Manticoran War, Earl North Hollow had been confined to a counter-grav life-support chair after a life of over-indulgence and self-abuse.

North Hollow was the father of Pavel and Stefan Young. He used all his influence to keep his son and heir Pavel from getting executed for desertion and cowardice before the enemy. In the end, Pavel lived, but was stripped of his rank and dishonorably discharged from the Navy. The instant the court-martial justices proclaimed the verdict, North Hollow died of a heart attack.

Pavel succeeded him as the 11th Earl of North Hollow. (HH4)

References Edit

  1. He was "barely ninety" in 1905 PD.

Preceded by
Earl of North Hollow
– 1905 PD
Succeeded by
Lord Pavel Young, 11th Earl of North Hollow

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