Lord Dietmar Yanakov, Steadholder Yanakov, was a Grayson citizen and steadholder in the 15th Century PD.

He was the father of Patricia Mayhew, the junior wife of Protector Caleb.

When the Protector was murdered by his own younger brother, Thomas, Lord Yanakov smuggled his daughter, who was pregnant at the time, out of the Protector's Palace. Thomas II was sworn in as Protector, but the birth of his nephew caused the formation of an opposing alliance headed by Lord Yanakov and Abner Mackenzie, Steadholder Mackenzie. They also had the support of the Reverend Ronald O'Day.

After a six-year dynastic war, Thomas II was removed from the throne and young Bernard was installed as Protector, supported by his grandfather. Lord Yanakov died in 1443. (HH8, Companion)

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