Dicey was a domestic cat owned by Chris Billingsley.

He was a Maine Coon Billingsley allegedly "found" near the Chiefs' Club on Manticore. His account was that he took pity on the cat and adopted him.[1] He was imperious and expected a share in the fine foods available wherever Billingsley, an Admiral's steward, went. Also he was exceptionally charming, having ensorceled Admiral Gold Peak into giving him effective permission to remain on board, despite RMN prohibitions against pets on board naval vessels. According to Admiral Gold Peak, Dicey was one of the largest domestic cats she had ever seen, even outmassing Honor Harrington's treecat, Nimitz.

He had several apparent scars showing through his fur and a nick out of one ear, likely from fights with other male cats. With exception of Admiral Gold Peak herself, he was an expert in mooching food and petting from various members of the Admiral's staff. (SI2)

He was 116 cm (45 in) long as an adult. (SI4)

References Edit

  1. However, Admiral Gold Peak suspected he was in fact a gambling prize because of Billingsley's predilections, and because of his name.

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