Detweiler family

Albrecht Detweiler and his clone sons

The Detweiler family was a powerful family of politicians and scientists hailing from the planet Beowulf, which formed the core of the genetically augmented elite of the Mesan Alignment.

The first known member was Leonard Detweiler, a proponent of human genetic engineering who left Beowulf and became the founder of the Mesa colony and the slaving corporation known in later centuries as Manpower Incorporated.[1] The Detweilers faked extinction of the Detweiler line, going into hiding to manage Mesa without most Mesans even knowing about their existence.

As with certain other Mesan families, the males of the Detweiler family were essentially clones of Leonard Detweiler. (HH11, SI2)

Known Members Edit

  • Albrecht — Head of the Mesan Alignment in 1921 PD
  • Benjamin — Albrecht Detweiler's first "son"
  • Collin — Albrecht Detweiler's second "son"
  • Daniel — Albrecht Detweiler's third "son"
  • Evelina — Albrecht Detweiler's wife, a senior genetic researcher
  • Everett — Albrecht Detweiler's fourth "son"
  • Franklin — Albrecht Detweiler's fifth "son"
  • Gervais — Albrecht Detweiler's sixth"son"
  • Leonard — Founder and direct genetic ancestor of the family

References Edit

  1. Its original name was Detweiler Consortium.

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