Desforge class DD
Name: Desforge class
Type: Destroyer
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces People's Republic of Haven
Date Introduced: 1887 PD
Preceded By: Bastogane
Succeeded By: Trojan
Mass: 95,750 tons
Length: 393 m
Beam: 46 m
Draught: 27 m
Acceleration: 590 G
(735 G maximum)
Crew: 435
- 65 officers
- 370 enlisted
Power: 2 RF/6 Dampierre 4
fusion reactors
Electronics: AG-25(a) AG-25
gravitic detection array

AR-26 phased radar array
AL-26(a) lidar array
SLCF-19 18x14-channel DCS

Armament: 12 LME-3(d) missile tubes

2 L/75 anti-ship lasers
6 L/66 anti-ship lasers
10 LMC-8(g) countermissile tubes
8 P/16x3 laser clusters

Magazines: 156 E14 impeller drive missiles

360 C2 counter missiles
6 LAD-24 tethered ECM decoys

Auxiliary Craft: 3 DB.100 Mercure-class cutters

2 D.435 Ouragan-class pinnaces

The Desforge class was a series of destroyers built and operated by the People's Navy.

Origins and Design Edit

A contemporary of the slightly smaller Bastogne class, the Desforge class was designed with a heavier defensive suite and lighter broadside. Forced upon the Navy by political pressure from the Legislaturalists, it was the first Havenite ship class in a long time to come in under budget. This made it popular with the government's accountants and caused it to be built in large number, even though the command level of the Navy despised it for its incompatibility with standard PN battle doctrine.[1] On the other hand it had fairly heavy armor for a ship of its rate, increasing its survivability. (SITS)

The design was widely considered large for its classification. (SI1)

History Edit

PNS Desforge was commissioned in 1887 PD, and many sister ships followed her soon. The Navy tried to use them primarily as screening and scouting units, as they were fast and relatively well defended. Most flag officers tried to trade the Desforges assigned to them for Bastognes if they could, and sent them on as convoy escorts and scouts otherwise.

Commodore Carol Williamson, in command of TU 32, had a squadron of Desforge-class units handed to her by her superior; ostensibly to use them as screening units for her cruiser division. When the Royal Manticoran Navy hit the system she was guarding in the early stages of the First Havenite-Manticoran War, Williamson separated her Desforges to escort supply freighters to the hyper limit, and sent her her cruisers and light cruisers agains the enemy. In the resulting battle, most of Williamson's heavy forces were destroyed, with two units surrendering. The Desforges, however, managed to escort their charges safely into hyperspace. (SITS)

Known vessels Edit

References Edit

  1. It lacked the missile throw for the "win at the first salvo" tactics.

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