Dempsey's Bar was a restaurant chain owned by the Dempsey Cartel with restaurants throughout the Star Kingdom of Manticore. It was known for its service and the lengths it went to make its clientele comfortable. It was ranked alongside Cosmo's and Regiano's.


Dempsey's were frequently found on board many Royal Manticoran Navy shipyards, as well as on all planets in the Star Kingdom. (HH4)

Features Edit

While Dempsey's were located throughout the Star Kingdom, its most notable feature was the fact that locations aboard space stations used actual recorded footage or near realtime images made near its ground-based restaurants, and other visual and audible cues, to make the restaurants appear to be actually based ground-side. 'Window' views changed in synchrony with those from ground-based Dempsey restaurants. Environmental systems could match local weather (even to the point of frosting windows when the view was of Gryphon during some of its interesting weather, and providing a roaring holographic fireplace to compensate), and even some recognizable smells were reproduced as well.

On certain days of the week, a restaurant could be "on" a Manticoran planet, or at various other recognizable locations, some of which had their own Dempsey's. (HH4)

Notable Events Edit

The Dempsey's Bar on HMSS Hephaestus was where Denver Summervale, a professional duelist, waited for both Paul Tankersley and Honor Harrington to either challenge them to duels or to be challenged. (HH4)

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